Yunteng Tripod Vct 3388 With Remote

QAR 59.00


Tripod Yun Teng 3388 Professional DSLR Camera Stand, The Panhead handle easily controls the camera. Remote Bluetooth connection with the phone… The product can be adjusted to a maximum height of 146cm, giving you more options when shooting. With 3 feet made of lightweight aluminum alloy and sturdy, large-diameter, you can place on even rugged, uneven terrain. The easy-to-use adjustable height-adjustable handlebar lets you quickly raise or lower the tripod height. Product features: Products include tripod and 3 head damping Maximum height: 146cm Minimum height: 46cm Weight: 1kg Capacity Weight: 1kg Tripod foot width: 2cm Material: aluminum alloy, plastic There are adjustable Panhead clamps Rotate 360 ?? degrees Rubber feet, anti-slip 1/4 screw male, compatible with all types of camcorders Easy to fold, move Enclosed bag lightweight, convenient


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