Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

QAR 359.00


Only 1.2kg main body weight
•The main body weighs even lighter than 3 bottles of
•More friendly to female users, and easier to clean
roof or curtains areas

Max 50 air watts suction power
•Powered by the 100k  brushless motor,
more efficient and less noisy
•Two levels of suction power at 20/50 air watts

Up to 45 mins running time
•Two levels of cleaning mode for different
application at 13/45mins
•Able to deep cleaning a medium size apartment
at a single charge 5.5h;

Finger release on and off
•Long press the button to start cleaning;
•Simply release the finger from the power button
during cleaning.

Detachable and washable dustbin
•Pull out the extension rod, take out the HEPA
and cyclone filter to empty dust;
•Wash the dustbin , HEPA, and cyclone filter
when necessary, and restore them back
when completely dry.


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