Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

QAR 99.00

Brand : Xiaomi Mi
Type : Wireless Headset
Input : 5V/1A
Charging Time : 1.5h
Battery Life (with Case) : 20h
Work Distance : 10m
Impedance : 32Ω
Charging Port : USB-C
Battery Life (Single Charge) : 5h
Bluetooth Version : 5.0

The long battery life of 20 hours* allows you to use it from morning till night

Thanks to the power consumption control of the new chip, the earphones can be used for about 5 hours on a single full charge and 20 hours in combination with a charging case. The battery endurance allows you to listen to music all day long.

With dual microphones, noise during calls is reduced, making sure there is no disturbance
Each earphone is equipped with two built-in high-sensitivity microphones, which use beamforming technology to eliminate the background noise during calls, allowing the other user to hear you clearly, even in noisy environments.

A window pops up when the case is opened*, and the smart connection becomes visible
Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic features the MIUI Global user interface. When the charging case is opened, an interface for earphone connection pops up. After connecting, the earphones can be conveniently operated from your phone and you can view the battery levels of the earphones and the charging case.

Smart, free, and truly wireless
Truly wireless design, free of restrictions. You can take either left or right earphone as you wish, flexibly switching between single and dual ear mode. Dual ear mode provides wireless dimensional sound while single ear usage offers a freer experience.

A large dynamic driver makes the sound rich and natural
The dynamic driver with a 14.2mm large composite diaphragm is used to make the sound fuller and richer with a more natural feel, restoring more real texture and details. At the same time, AAC audio codec technology is supported to improve the audio quality and experience, providing users with clear sounding audio.

Comfortable half in-ear design for a secure fit
The half in-ear design fits the ear canal snugly for more comfort and stability inside and out. A single earphone only weighs 4.7 g. The compact and lightweight body makes it easier to wear and greatly reduces fatigue caused by prolonged wear.

Tap to operate, and control at your own leisure with a single touch
Operations such as playing/pause music, answer/end a call, wake up the voice assistant can be performed by simply double-tapping the earphones. Easily control without operating the mobile phone.


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