Mi Smart Standing Fan 2

QAR 289.00


The two layers of blades rotate simultaneously offering increased airflow for powerful cooling. With its wide range, the double blades also provide a delicate three-dimensional breeze. Equipped with a stable BLDC motor, the latter offers a long product life saving up to 15 W of power. The fan uses a DC copper wire motor, which has excellent operating efficiency and good service life compared to an aluminum wire motor. Provides constant speed for stable ventilation and lower power consumption. Its wing-shaped blades produce a maximum airflow of 20m³/min. Adjustable wide angle ventilation with a maximum range of 14m to cool the room for the whole family. With its brushless DC motor and dual blades, the fan delivers a quiet, noise-free experience. Package Content: Motor & Holder x 1; Fan Mount (Front Grill, Rear Grille, Blades) x 1; Bottom Pedestal x 1; Base x 1; Blade Assembly Knob x 1; Rear Grille Knob x 1; Hex Key x 1; Power Cord x 1; Instruction Manual x 1.


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