Mi Air Dots Pro 2 white

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An advanced model of wireless headphones from Xiaomi. Their distinguishing features include high-quality LHDC sound. This provides the highest sound quality when playing via Bluetooth. The presented model accurately reproduces the sound of musical instruments.

Noise reduction technology
The AirDots Pro 2 Wireless Headset features noise reduction. A modern device cuts off external noise pollution during a conversation, thereby ensuring impeccable sound transmission quality. Compatible with all devices that support innovative LHDC technology, among them Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G

Convenient management
A multifunctional headset allows you to easily accept or reject a call, play your favorite music. Just double-tap and the call will be accepted. You can easily control music, voice assistant, and receive calls. By simulating the device completely for yourself, you can independently adjust the control of both the right and left headphones

Long work without recharging
Headphones AirDots Pro 2 quickly recover their charge in the case. The music playback time in the headphones is about 4 hours, and thanks to the case it can reach 14 hours. Now you will not need to worry that they will turn off due to a discharged battery. The built-in infrared sensor when removing the device from the ear stops the music, which saves battery power

Brand : Xiaomi Mi
Connection : Bluetooth 5.0
Working hours : 4 h
Charging time : 1 hour
Speaker Size : 14.2 mm
Resistance : 32 ohm
Case Dimensions : 62 × 40 × 27.2 mm
Headphone dimensions : 36 × 16 × 16 mm
Features : active noise reduction


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